About Moomol

Moomol is Business System Without Capital* first in Asia connecting to more than 8 million products of various brands from all around the world.

What You Need To Know About MOOMOL

* MOOMOL is a Business System Without Capital*, first in Asia that connecting to more than 8 million products of various brands from all around the world.

* MOOMOL is capable to assist you in your logistics and on-line transactions in order to help you do business online or offline without the cost of products, shipping, stocking, labor, logistics and maintenance.

* MOOMOL will guide you how to get prices direct from the manufacturer without any additional cost in order for you to generate maximum profit margin in a business of your own choice of either retail or wholesale.

Services Provided by MOOMOL

* Product Sourcing Solutions

* Logistic & Warehouse Solutions - MOOSKY

* MOOMOL Workshop & Mentoring Program

Why You Should Choose MOOMOL?

* MOOMOL offer you wide variety of benefits that includes; door to door services, faster and safer delivery, low cost with maximum profit, unlimited product selection with more than 8 million products, no stock keeping needed, no need to fly oversea, no middle man involved, worldwide customers due to wide coverage, and comprehensive training on the theory and practical of the business.

* As a results, future entrepreneur will be provided with reliable and vast product sourcing platforms. efficient and cost saving logistics system and comprehensive training before venturing in new business. Now, with MOOMOL, everyone can venture into business.

About Moomol

Without large capital and owned product branding to start a business, MOOMOL merchants can already be called as entrepreneurs. If the motto for low cost airline company Air Asia is “Everybody Can Fly”, the motto for MOOMOL concept business is “Everybody Can Buy”.

Who Should Join MOOMOL?

  • SME
  • Start-up business owner
  • Business owner looking for source of product
  • New Entrepreneur
  • Student
  • Employee looking for part-time business
  • Online business owner

The concept of product sourcing is one every e-retailer needs to understand. If you sell products online, then product sourcing is a critical part of your business. It's also something you're already doing, whether or not you realize it.


Affordable cost

Low initial capital as compared with the conventional business that requires high capital depending on the business sector.

Unlimited product

Entrepreneurs can start a business with a selection of more than 800 million products a variety of brands from all over the world online.

Having its own logistic system

Future entrepreneurs are equipped with online logistics system that provides efficient and smart world-class logistics and delivery system. The system is capable of handling all the logistics including warehousing and shipping at your fingertips.

Direct delivery to the customers (door to door)

MOOSKY system provides delivery services directly to the customer’s home (door- to-door) which also includes insurance guarantee. The product does not need to be sent to us for us to deliver it to customers. The product can be directly shipped to the customer's home directly from suppliers and without additional costs.

Quick and safe delivery

Entrepreneurs will no longer need to worry about the safety of items because Moomol’s policy plan will ensure that the goods entrusted will reach the destinations or money-back guarantee in the event of any damage or missing items.

Business without boundaries of space and time

Business transactions can take place at any location and at any time as long as the Internet connection is accessible.

Worldwide customers

Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to expand their businesses worldwide with sales through online transactions that involve various world currencies.

No capital

With this system, entrepreneurs will not require daily high minimum capital, just a low annual cost for maintenance of the system, domain and hosting.

Maximum profit

Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to maximize profits by quoting directly from the factory without any additional cost of the product and the cost of the middle man.

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