Frequently Asked Questions


What is MOOMOL?

MOOMOL™ is a Business System Without Capital* first in Asia connecting to more than 8 million products of various brands from all around the world.nnMOOMOL™ will guide you how to get prices direct from the factory without any additional cost to help you generate maximum profits in a business of your own.nnMOOMOL™ is also known as the world-class e-commerce entrepreneur business system in order to provide everything you need to know from zero to hero.

What kind of products that MOOMOL provided?

MOOMOL do not supply products but MOOMOL connect merchants to all suppliers and manufacturers worldwide especially in Taiwan, China and Korea.

How to be MOOMOL merchant?

You have to attend MOOMOL 101 Workshop as the first step. In this workshop you will understand the whole concept and process of MOOMOL.

Do I have to pay to be MOOMOL’s merchant?

YES. We do have package that you have to pay as commitment fee. All the packages are different based on profession and location. The packages fees include with Product Sourcing Platform, Logistics System and Training.

How to register MOOMOL 101 Workshop?

Register here:

I cannot attend MOOMOL 101 Workshop. What should I do?

If you interested to be MOOMOL’s Verified Merchant but unable to attend the MOOMOL 101 Workshop, you are able to come at our office at Section 13, Shah Alam. Please contact our office at 03-5524 3399 or watsapp at 019-3458100 for appointment.

I am student. Can I register as MOOMOL merchant?

YES. We has package that suit for you. Please provide your valid Student Matrix Card to entitle Student Package.

I am not registered MOOMOL merchant but I want to purchase order using MOOMOL product sourcing platform. Can I order with MOOMOL?

YES but minimum order must be RM20,000 and above. Please contact our product soucing consultant for more info.

Does MOOMOL provide domestic logistic services?

We provide logistic air and sea freight from international supplier to your doorstep.

I have orders need to be ship to Malaysia and I’m not MOOMOL merchant. Could I use MOOMOL logistic services?

YES. As long as your supplier can send your parcel to our warehouse in China.

How to register MOOMOL Mentoring Program?

Pre-requisite for Mentoring Program is MOOMOL Workshop 101 and 102. You are able to register after Workshop 102.

How to register MOOMOL 102 Workshop?

Pre-requisite for MOOMOL 102 Workshop is MOOMOL 101 Workshop. Please register MOOMOL 101 Workshop here.

How to register MOOMOL 103 Online Marketing Workshop?

Pre-requisite for MOOMOL 103 Online Marketing Workshop is MOOMOL MOOMOL 102 Workshop.

I am a dropshipper. Do MOOMOL provide the service?

We do not provide dropshipper agent service. However, we will connect you with our selected verified merchant to be their product agent. Please contact our consultant at 03 55243399 or Whatsapp at 0193458100 for more info.

I am interested with eCommerce webstore. Do MOOMOL provide the services?

YES. We will connect you with our expert partner. Please contact our consultant at 03 55243399 or Watsapp at 0193458100 for more info.n

I am interested with Animated video services. How to get the service?

YES. We will connect you with our expert partner. Please contact our consultant at 03 55243399 or Watsapp at 0193458100 for more info.

Does MOOMOL provide business preview at institution / college / university / Government sector?

YES we do. Please contact our consultant at 03 55243399 or Watsapp at 0193468100 for arrangement.