MOOMOL 102 Workshop

You don't know how to use MOOMOL, no need to be worried. MOOMOL 102 Workshop will help you step by step on how to use it. We will make MOOMOL easy for you and you will be an expert for in a second.

This intensive one day course focuses on behavior and engagement, throughout the product sourcing life cycle and is the best place to start training you in e-commerce business. MOOMOL will guide you in selecting the reliable and qualify wholesale in the market worldwide. Our well-trained and experienced trainer will guide you in creating account in the product sourcing platform, ordering and purchasing, making payment, and shipping your order using our logistics system MOOSKY until it arrives at your customer door-step.

This course is a highly product sourcing-focused and more strategic alternative to our Fast Track MOOMOL & MOOSKY courses.

***NOTE: Pre-requisite for this workshop is MOOMOL 101 workshop.