MOOMOL 103 e-Commerce Workshop

You know about MOOMOL, know how to use it but you are still new to e-commerce business. This workshop will teach you not only to be good but excellent in Social Media Marketing, Online Sales Letter or Sales Copy Writing and Photography.

To make sure MOOMOL's merchants are competent in e-commerce business, MOOMOL has taken the initiative to design a high-intensive workshop specifically focusing on e-commerce business.

This course is a combination of 3 trainers, who are expertise in Social Media Marketing, Online Sales Letter or Copy writing and Photography.

The topics that you will be exposed in this workshop are often not offered elsewhere and you can be assured that when you register with us, you will be learning from the top qualified trainers available in town, who are actively practicing what they teach with great success. Our hands-on training is fantastic - small class sizes, highly interactive and taught by expertise.