MOOMOL Mentoring Program

Mentoring programs connect people who have specific skills and knowledge (mentors) with you who need or want the same skills and advantages to move up in business. Here in MMNSB, qualified mentors will always be happy to assist you and with their guidance and supervising it will ensure you're successful.

The program lasts 3-6 months and it is made exclusively for participants who have registered with MOOMOL. After that period, participants can continue to start their chosen business.

The Modules involved are as followed:

  • How to make the selection and purchase of products and suppliers/manufactures in bulk or retail.
  • The Do and Don't during bulk purchasing.
  • How to communicate with the retailer or wholesaler
  • Payment method to the retailer or wholesaler in bulk purchasing
  • Method to protect losses.
  • Details on product packaging and shipping.
  • The right drop ship business.
  • The correct way for copy writing
  • Marketing method either online or offline without required high cost
  • Customer management - After sale services
  • How to create a business with sales agents
  • How to dominate the market with selected products categories
  • How to do market research based on products
  • How to do an effective online marketing by using the Internet such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others
  • How to get high profit margins with low cost product
  • How to sell all the stocks in 2 weeks without any capital
  • How to open an enterprise company or "Sdn Bhd"
  • How the tax computation for the online business

The modules in the program have been proven to be useful by the previous participants who join this program.

At the end of this program, participants will have the opportunity to go and visit the manufactures or suppliers to show them how the knowledge that they have gain during the program is use in real practice.