Product Sourcing Solutions

You want to sell a product, but you're wondering, "Where exactly can I get a supply of this product to sell-and get it for a fair price?"

Got a bright idea but no idea on how to locate suppliers for the products you want to sell? With our MOOMOL, stocking your new business won't be such a chore.

The concept of product sourcing is one every e-retailer needs to understand. If you sell products online, the product sourcing is a critical part of your business. It's also something you're already doing, whether or not you realize it. A simple definition of product sourcing is "finding products to resell through business." As easy as the sounds, mastering this process can mean the difference between success and failure for your e-commerce business.

If you plan to build a serious income with your selling, you have to find renewable product sources that can provide you with a constant, stable stream of goods. In other words, you need to source your products from genuine and reliable wholesale suppliers. Working with wholesale suppliers also means you're getting wholesale prices and, therefore, the best-possible profit margins.

Techniques that you can use to get the products:

Drop Shipping

Your wholesaler stores the products you offer on your website. When you make a sale, the wholesaler ships the product directly to your customer. Your customer pays retail price, and you pay the dropshipper your wholesale price.

Crowd Buying

You buy products from your wholesale supplier in small, affordable quantities. You're in charge of all aspects of warehousing the products and shipping them to your customers.

Volume Wholesale

You buy products from your wholesale supplier in large quantities. Again, you're responsible in handling the storage and shipping process.


You purchase goods from manufactures in other countries, where production is cheaper.


When manufacturers or suppliers have excess merchandise, they'll often sell it for a small percentage of the wholesale cost. You can purchase this merchandise in lots from reclamation centers or B2B auction websites.

These are the product sourcing techniques that you can choose. However, each of these product-sourcing techniques comes with a unique set of advantages and limitations; and each has a different role to play in your strategy.

However, finding genuine, factory-authorized wholesale suppliers is an absolute must for everyone selling physical products on the Internet. Your e-business will never become truly profitable, if you're sourcing your products from middleman or fake wholesale sites. But, tracking down legitimate wholesale sources will take some legwork on your part.

So how do you find suppliers who are the real deal , and avoid worthless posers? Don't worry; MOOMOL will guide you from A to Z!

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